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5 non-traditional ways to use argon oil

One of my favorite oils to use is argon oil. It may be on the pricier side, but it’s worth the cost. It absorbs wonderfully into my hair without leaving residue, it maintains my ends and keeps them from breaking, it keeps my skin looking and feeling like silk, and it smells amazing.

There are, however, other uses that I’ve discovered argon oil can fulfill that I wanted to share.

  1. Make up primer Before I apply make up, I apply just a couple drops of argon oil all over my skin. It makes my make up last so much longer and gives it a better finish. For me, my skin can sometimes look a bit dry when I use a powder foundation, and using the oil as a primer takes care of that issue completely and keeps my skin in good condition no matter how long I have make up on.
  2. Moisturizer This is probably more familiar way that argon oil can be used, but what I like to do is rub down with my home made mango butter, then go to some tough areas like my elbows, knees, and hands and apply a little argon oil. It’s wonderful way to avoid dry skin and get a little glow.
  3. Nails I’m not huge on getting my nails done, but I do like to keep them filed and free of hang nails. After giving myself  a mini-mani-peti I like to apply argon oil over the beds of my nails to keep them strong and shiny.
  4. Lips Before going to bed, I apply a little bit of argon oil on my lips so that they don’t dry out over night. It’s also great to use right before applying lipstick for a perfect long lasting application.
  5. Skin highlighter I like to apply a couple drops of argon oil on your collar bone, cheek bones, shoulders, the center of your legs (if you’re wearing a shorts or a shorter dress/skirt), mainly where the light naturally shines on your skin for that effervescent glow.

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Hair Regimen and Styles

How to do two strand twists on Natural Hair


One of the most basic styles and techniques for maintaining natural hair is the two strand twist. It’s a great protective style, it helps your hair retain moisture, and it looks badass.

Recently I’ve been making some subtle, yet, significant changes in my natural hair regimen in order to prevent breakage and keep my hair healthier.
So, I’m going to explain step by step how I achieved these 2 strand twists.

I started out with freshly washed hair to ensure that I didn’t have any product build up from previous styles.

Next, I sectioned my hair so that it would be more manageable.

Section by section, I started twisting small pieces of hair. With each piece, I added some Moroccan oil intense hydrating cream, some argon oil, and finished off with the kinky curly curling custard.
when applying the products, I smoothed my hair with the pads of my fingers. I didn’t rake them in. This way, there is a lot less breakage as I worked through my hair. This technique also rids shed hair and detangles your hair. I knew my hair was fully knot free when that section feels equally sleek from roots to ends.
I also twisted my hair very loosely and twirled the ends rather than twisting the ends. This ensures that they’ll readily accept moisture later in the week when I reapply product.

So let’s recap: with each piece of hair, I smooth in (with the pads of my fingers) Moroccan oil intense hydrating cream, followed by argon oil, followed by kinky curly curling custard.
I twisted my hair loosely leaving room at the ends for a gentle finger coil.

and one more thing: avoid stealing a couple strands of hair from one side and switching them to the other just because your hair isn’t even. Later when it’s time to take the twists down, your hair will be much less tangled and you’ll have little to no breakage

So there you have it! This is how I do my two strand twists 🙂

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Hair Regimen and Styles

How to Care for Natural Hair


Hey everyone!

I have recently been using an entirely new line of natural hair products. I’ve noticed that over the past few months, I’ve been having a lot of trouble dealing with the amount of build up I was getting by the end of the week. After taking a visit to Too Groovy Hair salon, they brought it to my attention that the products I was using were actually not doing me any justice. So, I cleared out my whole cabinet and bought the entire line from Moroccan Oil. Natural hair care shouldn’t be so difficult. All I need are a clean scalp, moisturized strands, and to minimize manipulation.

So, this is my new routine. When necessary, I wash my hair, condition, and deep condition, then I seal my ends with argon oil. During the week, I usually have my hair in a protective style and moisturize it with water daily. If my hair is really dry, I’ll add a dime amount of jojoba oil and scrunch it into my hair.

There are a few techniques that I have also implemented to help make my products work better and last longer.

  1. When washing my hair, I make sure that I massage my scalp first with water and drench my hair completely before applying shampoo. It allows it to distribute much easier throughout my hair and I’m not just wasting product.
  2. After rinsing the shampoo out, I scrunch out excess water from my hair so that it can better absorb the conditioner. Once again, it saves product and my hair stays moisturized a lot longer.
  3. When my washing session is over, I wrap an old t-shirt around my hair for about 10 minutes while I do my make up, moisturize my skin, etc. It speeds up the air-drying process. Now my hair is usually completely dry within one or two hours.
  4. If I wear my hair in a wash and go, I use a soft hold gel and apply it in my hair in small sections at a time. Throughout the week I apply water and jojoba oil  and scrunch it into my hair to make sure my ends are sealed. With this regimen, the detangling process by the end of the week is much easier and this routine is actually pretty low manipulation since I’m not retwisting, styling, pulling my hair very much.
  5. I also incorporated trimming my ends. I have noticed that keeping my ends fresh has helped me retain length over all as long as I’m only taking off 1/4 of an inch every 8 weeks or so. It avoids tangles and breakage and it’s a lot easier for me to wear wash-n-gos.

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Healthy Recipes

Good Eats of the Week

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about food. To be honest, I’ve been slacking off on eating clean. Despite all the excuses I might have (crazy schedule, school, work), I finally just had to make time and put in more effort in order to maintain a healthier diet.
That being said, I’m gonna share with you guys what I’ve been eating to give you some ideas for fun, delicious, healthy meals that you can try or use as inspiration for your own creation.

Today, I made roasted chicken with roasted apples (drizzled in honey), bell peppers, shallots, garlic, veggie broth, coconut oil, and tomato sauce.
It was super easy. I seasoned the meat with salt, pepper, shallots and garlic. Next, I pan seared the chicken in coconut oil until it was golden brown on each side and then transferred it to the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Before popping the chicken in the oven, I added the apples, peppers, and the cooked herbs in the sauté pan. After about 20 minutes of baking, I added the broth and baked for an additional 10 minutes.

And bon appetit!



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Hair Regimen and Styles

How to Moisturize Natural Hair and Reduce Frizz

One of the most important components in maintaining natural hair is moisture. It can be hard to do that without over manipulating the hair and causing a lot of build up. I still struggle with this every day even after being natural for over 3 years. Recently, however, I developed a new trick that really makes the moisture last a lot longer and reduces the amount of product that I use. This is especially good if your hair is in any sort of protective style. It’s low manipulation, seals your ends, and it takes no time at all!

So, this process works best assuming that you have a good moisturizing routine after washing and conditioning/deep conditioning. I like to describe it as starting off on the right foot for the week.

What I do is after unraveling my satin scarf in the morning, I spritz my hair pretty generously with water. Next I take about a dime sized amount of jojoba oil (any light oil that you know 100% absorbs into your hair will work) and gently distribute it throughout my hair towards the ends (avoiding my scalp).  Then, I wrap my scarf around my head again for about a half an hour (or however much time you have to get ready). So, this is the first thing I do before I even wash my face. That way, while I’m getting ready, the moisture is on an accelerated path to absorbing into my hair strands and not into the dry air. This also works really well for reducing frizz. Just don’t forget to take the scarf back off before heading out the door! 🙂 By the end of the week, I have little to no product build up, and my hair behaves wonderfully for my next wash/co-wash session.

Well, I hope this helps you guys with extra extra read-all-about-it dry hair, like me.

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