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I’m giving up on the waist length journey


I’m getting to a point in my natural hair journey where I’ve learned a lot through trial and failure. I’ve never had long hair and I was beginning to become obsessed with growing my hair long. I’ve done protective styles, tried so many products, and have done treatments to grow my hair long. But you now what? I want to enjoy my hair. I want to wear my hair out! My hair has never been this long dispute the fact that I’ve cut it a few times in efforts to maintain it and keep it healthy. I know that protective styles help to retain length. I know that sealing my ends is important. I also know that organic products work well for me. That being said, some protective styles cause more harm than good, some products that are not organic work better for me than Shea Moisture ever did, and sealing my hair too often can cause a lot of build up. There are so many tricks in the book on how to grow long natural hair, but I don’t want to imprison my self over these regimens and follow the curve of natural hair care because even in this community we are all still really different and there is nothing (not even water to moisturize) that works inclusively for everyone.

So, I’m giving up on the waist length journey! This doesn’t mean I’m going to neglect taking good care of my hair, but this does mean that I’m going to redirect my focus. My focus is going to be on keeping my hair healthy, moisturized. I do enjoy wearing up-dos and twists and will do so when I feel like it, but I’m not going to keep myself on a strict regimen to grow another inch. My hair has always responded well to just a good routine with moisture regardless of how often I wear it up or in braids/twists. As long as I don’t see excessive amounts of breakage in the sink, then I know I’m doing something right.

Here are some staple products that I’ve been using that have been working really well for my hair recently:

Kinky Curly knot today leave-in conditioner

Moroccan oil styling cream

Moroccan oil intense hydration deep conditioner

Camille Rose Naturals avocado moisturizing cream

Black Jamaican Castor Oil

Here are a list of products I want to try or go back to using:

Henna I definitely want to try using henna for deep conditioning and transition away from the Moroccan Oil deep conditioner because it is on the pricier side.

Terressential’s mud wash Since I’m not using shea butter based products any more and I find myself with much less product build up, I would love to transition back to the mud wash. Usually when I wash my hair it’s to put moisture back into my hair, not necessarily because I have a greasy scalp. So, I think the mud wash will be good enough to maintain a clean and healthy.

I’m also going to put some Aloe Vera Juice in my spray bottle of water for longer lasting moisture in my hair.

I would love to simplify my hair regimen even more and just have a daily moisturizing routine with just my spray bottle. Apply the castor oil every 2-3 days and wash my hair with mud. If I need a deep conditioning, hopefully the henna will work.

Lastly, I’m working on drinking lots and lots of water. It makes it way easier for me to wake up in the mornings, my skin is better, I feel better throughout the day overall, and my hair doesn’t dry out as easily. I went out and got a good water bottle and my goal is to always have it filled up and close by so I can drink a little every chance I get to stay hydrated!

I’m going to finish out some of the products I have first before going to get new ones because they do work really well. I just want to move in the direction of a simpler routine that is cheaper.

So, where do you guys stand in your hair journey? Leave your comments below 🙂

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5 non-traditional ways to use argon oil

One of my favorite oils to use is argon oil. It may be on the pricier side, but it’s worth the cost. It absorbs wonderfully into my hair without leaving residue, it maintains my ends and keeps them from breaking, it keeps my skin looking and feeling like silk, and it smells amazing.

There are, however, other uses that I’ve discovered argon oil can fulfill that I wanted to share.

  1. Make up primer Before I apply make up, I apply just a couple drops of argon oil all over my skin. It makes my make up last so much longer and gives it a better finish. For me, my skin can sometimes look a bit dry when I use a powder foundation, and using the oil as a primer takes care of that issue completely and keeps my skin in good condition no matter how long I have make up on.
  2. Moisturizer This is probably more familiar way that argon oil can be used, but what I like to do is rub down with my home made mango butter, then go to some tough areas like my elbows, knees, and hands and apply a little argon oil. It’s wonderful way to avoid dry skin and get a little glow.
  3. Nails I’m not huge on getting my nails done, but I do like to keep them filed and free of hang nails. After giving myself  a mini-mani-peti I like to apply argon oil over the beds of my nails to keep them strong and shiny.
  4. Lips Before going to bed, I apply a little bit of argon oil on my lips so that they don’t dry out over night. It’s also great to use right before applying lipstick for a perfect long lasting application.
  5. Skin highlighter I like to apply a couple drops of argon oil on your collar bone, cheek bones, shoulders, the center of your legs (if you’re wearing a shorts or a shorter dress/skirt), mainly where the light naturally shines on your skin for that effervescent glow.

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How to Make Whipped Shea Butter

As some of you may know, I’ve made shea butter creams before, but recently I learned a new technique that results in the lightest, creamy texture you can get out of shea butter.
For this recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients:
Raw shea butter
Your favorite oils
A bowl
A mixing bowl
A pot of water








First, melt the shea butter in a bowl over a hot water bath.
When it’s all melted add a table spoon of each oil.
Let the mixture cool (to save time, you can put it in the fridge) until it is half way solidified.
Then, in a separate mixing bowl, blend the butter until it reaches a consistency a bit thicker than cake batter.
And that’s all folks! A long lasting supply of whipped shea butter.

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Say “Good-bye!” to Wintery Dry Skin

This time of year is full of holidays and gatherings with friends and family. It’s also a time of dry air both indoors and out which is not good news for our skin. So if you’re in need of a cure for dry skin, cracked heels, and chapped lips, look no further!
Try my mango body butter recipe 😀

All you need is this:

Raw mango butter
Raw shea butter
Tangerine essential oil
Rosemary essential oil

Step 1: using a food processor, blend 2 parts mango butter until consistency is smooth and one part shae butter.
mango butter has a rougher texture so it will take longer to blend, while shea butter is easier to work with

Step 2: add 5 drops of rosemary essential oil and 5 drops of tangerine essential oil.

Step 3: give it one last run in the food processor to blend everything together nicely.

And that’s it! You’re very own home made body butter!

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Must Have’s in my Natural Hair Regimen

Since wearing my hair free of extensions, I was able to reestablish my new and improved natural hair routine. These items are staples in my regimen and work the best as my hair gets longer as well.

201206-omag-avocado-oil-284x426First and foremost, my new favorite oil: Avocado oil

I know I told you guys how much I loved coconut oil, but my hair responds better to avocado oil when stretched (which is most of the time) and it absorbs a lot better, reduces frizz, and nourishes my ends. I purchase my avocado oil at the farmer’s market for less than $5 and it lasts me for a few months. Affordable and effective–it doesn’t get much better than that.

Next is what I use to cleanse my hair:

there are actually a few things that I turn to depending on how much build I have on my scalp. I’ll list them in order from the most mild to the most harsh.

5 Beauty Supplies Found in Your KitchenMild: Diluted Apple Cidar vinegar. When I have a little product build up on my hair, but my scalp has little to no build up, I’ll massage my scalp with apple cider vinegar. It restores the pH balance on my scalp, removes the minimal build up that I have and also makes my hair shiny. Sometimes when my hair is feeling a little too greasy, it’s a nice way to give it a light clean without stripping my strands of their moisture.

terressentials mud washMedium: Terressentials Mud Wash. If my hair is in need of a wash, but I could get away with not cleaning it for maybe one more week if I really wanted to (you guys know what I’m talking about!) I’ll go with my mud wash. It cleanses my scalp pretty well and my hair feels super soft afterwards.

2433963-p-MULTIVIEWHarsh: Yes to Cucumbers Shampoo. When my hair is absolutely gross, my scalp has a lot of build up, and my curls aren’t really behaving the way they usually do, I’ll cleanse my scalp with this shampoo. It actually doesn’t strip my hair of too much moisture, but it is something I like to keep to a minimum. I usually use shampoo about once or twice a month or as needed.

SM Coconut Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk

yes to carrotscamille conditionerNow, let’s talk about leave-in conditioners, conditioners, and creams. I don’t really use leave in conditioners as often as I use to because the avocado oil has been a huge staple in my routine lately. I will, however,  seal my ends with Camille Rose’s Twisting butter. It’s a water based product, so my hair responds really well to it. It also keeps my ends moisturized for days because it’s so rich and full of yummy ingredients.

When I am conditioning my hair after cleansing, I like to use one of two products depending on what I have available: yes to carrots conditioner or shea moisture conditioner. To be completely honest, I the only reason why I like yes to carrots so much is because I get almost double the amount of product for the same price as other leading conditioners and it does the job. I can really use a lot of product and work through my hair to detangle it.

Last, but certainly not least, is my deep conditioning treatment. This method never fails me:

5 Beauty Supplies Found in Your KitchenHoney and oil treatment. I mix my favorite conditioner with a little honey and avocado oil. I apply it to my hair and leave it in for a few hours (sometimes over night for extra goodness). It makes my hair feel amazing and you just can’t argue with something when it simply works for your hair.

A good regimen is not necessarily having perfect timing on when you do something to your hair, it’s just about knowing what to do when your hair needs something and knowing what works for you.

Always remember to stay calm and love your natural hair.