My new low manipulation regimen: part 2

Hey everyone!

In my previous article, I talked about my two strand twist routine and some of the techniques that I use when washing my hair to prep for that style. In this article, I’m going to walk you through my new wash and go routine. I’m so excited about this because I really thought that this style was impossible to do on 4c hair without it being a complete disaster. With this style, I can finally enjoy my natural curl pattern and not worry about it being presentable.

So, let’s get right to it!

After washing and conditioning my hair, I take some plastic clips, and pin my hair out of the way, leaving the small section that I’m going to work with. At this point, my hair is completely drenched in water. This process works best when my hair is wet. I like to work from the back of my hair to the front, because it’s easier to keep track of what I’m doing. Since I have some conditioner left over in my hair, I’ll just go ahead and apply some jojoba oil and thoroughly finger detangle. Then I’ll grab a small piece of hair and smooth in a soft hold gel. My hair will get weighed down (which is what I want) and clump together. I need the clumping to happen, because that’s the shape it will keep for the whole week. If my hair isn’t sticking together, I’ll give it a very light finger coil to activate the curl and help my hair to band together. Once that section is done, I move on to the next section. This process takes a while, so I usually have some music going, or watch tv while I’m doing it. You want to take your time and be very gentle. When I’m all finished, I let my hair air-dry.

At night, I separate my hair into about 8 sections and just wrap each section into a mini loose bun, and pin it down. A lot of the natural hair videos that I’ve seen have girls with much longer hair, and they sleep with their hair in a bun at night and it preserves the style really well. Since my hair isn’t long enough to do one big bun, I decided to do a bunch of little ones and it works just as well. Not only does my hair retain the curl pattern, but it stretches the curls without changing the style.

So there you have it! this is the other half of my monthly routine. Both of these styles are easy. The two strand twists takes less time than my wash and go, but both of them allow me to keep my hands out of my hair to a large degree. Even with the wash and go night routine, I am not actually messing with my individual curls and see no breakage at all during this time.

I hope this helped you guys! Don’t forget to ‘like’, comment, and subscribe to Naturals United!


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