My New Low Manipulation Regimen: Part 1

For the past couple of months, I started doing more protective styles and low manipulation styles. My hair behaves a lot better, retains moisture, and is overall easier to manage. I made a lot of changes not only in the products that I use and my technique in handling my hair. In general, I don’t need to moisturize my hair as often, I have a lot less build up on my hair from the reduced product use, and I’ve been enjoying my natural curl pattern a lot more. The two styles I’ve been doing the most are two strand twists and wash and go’s! That’s right, wash and go’s. I was definitely one of those naturals who swore against wash and go’s, but there has recently been a new movement for wash and go’s with 4c naturals and I decided to give it one more try. After a few tweaks, I finally figured out a way to not only wear this style, but have it last for several days.

So, I’m gonna break down the first part of my monthly routine so you can kinda see how this all comes together. In general, I mostly style my hair based on what it needs and how it feels. When my hair is dirty, I’ll shampoo with my Kinky Curly cleanser. I completely drench my hair with water, do some light finger detangling, then lather. Once shampooing is done, I apply some conditioner. I don’t have strong preferences for conditioners. I just need something with a lot of slip and no silicones. Next, I section my hair into about 8 large twists with the conditioner in my hair, and lightly rinse with cold water. This way, I can have a little bit of conditioner left over, it helps retain a little bit more moisture as my hair drys, and the cold water seals it all in. I wrap my hair in an old t-shirt for 20 minutes or so, and begin to style. For my two strand twists, I usually do medium sections and apply a water based leave-in. At the moment, I’m using Kinky Curly Knot today. When all of my twists are done, I apply some jojoba oil on the ends to seal them and give them a little twirl to activate a curl.

Usually, I’ll wear this style for up to a week, take the twists out for a day and wear my hair loose, then wash and repeat the routine.

I know two strand twists can seem kinda boring, but if done right, it can be a cute style and there’s a lot you can do to play it up: you can add a scarf, do some pin curls, whatever makes you feel confident that day.

If you want to read about my wash and go routine, stay tuned for part 2 of my new low manipulation regimen.

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